Bany de bosc amb Sèlvans (Forest bathing)

A forest bath is a quiet and silent walk, little by little, in a forest with high natural value, with the aim of reconnecting with nature in an experienced-based way in order to awake all the senses.

In the heart of Les Guilleries and 800 metres above sea level, there is one of the best-preserved native forest in the whole massif. The route goes through the area of Serra d’Heures, where you can enjoy the contrast between the sunny space with hundred-year-old cork oaks and the shady spaces with large-leaved oaks and beech forests which will soon be a 150 years old.

The route takes 4 hours (5 kilometres) and there is a slope of 35 metres. Pets are not allowed.

There are some scheduled visits in the following link: However, if you want to live this experience in group, you can contact them via email or phone.