El Flabiol d’en Jaumet

Flabiol d'en Jaumet track game is a gymkhana designed for families that runs through Sant Hilari Sacalm. To play you will have to go to the Territori Guilleries store to buy the booklet with the clues and game mechanics.

Jaumet del Flabiol, a popular character of the town

Jaumet was a short man with a wrinkled face, corduroy pants, and a barretina; he was known for his piccolo; and it is that Jaumet was mute. It is said that he lost his voice due to a great fright when he was little. He was a character very loved by the whole town and he also loved him very much. So much was the esteem that he had that he decided to leave his beloved piccolo. He hid it so that only those who really deserved it could find it. Will you be the one to get it?

Through Jaumet’s story you will discover what he liked and what places he shared with the visitors who spent the summers in the town. You will get to know the town and a bit of its history passing through the most representative streets, fountains, buildings and sculptures. You can follow the game on foot or if you prefer by bicycle.

What is included in the Sant Hilari Sacalm Clue Game?
• The clue game is in App format for Android and Apple. (works with password). The booklet must be purchased at the Territori Guilleries store.
• A book with the tests and clues to solve the questions of the App.
• Prize for all participants

Game features:
• Duration: 1.5h and 2h
• Distance: 4.5km
• Price: €18.90
• Consult the price and availability of the bicycles to play the game.
• Game available only in Catalan