Ermita de la Mare de Déu del Pedró

The hermitage of Marian devotion dedicated to Virgin Mary is located 8 km from the town. It is easy to get there by a turnoff towards El Sobirà and Osor, by a road from Sant Hilari to Santa Coloma de Farners.

This hermitage was part of the parish of Vallors. The first document mentioning it is from 1285, in which the existence of a Romanesque church with a single nave and a sacristy is reported. However, in 1520, 1650 and 1971, the hermitage was remodelled to become a single rectangular and elongated nave with buttresses on one side and a lower body on the other.

Nowadays, there is still a 50 cm baroque Gothic image of the Virgin of Pedró dated of the 18th century.

It is part of the “Ruta de les 10 ermites” (Route of the 10 hermitages).


On the third Sunday of June and the first Sunday of July, there is a gathering celebration with a mass thanking Virgin Mary.