Festa Major

In our town, we say goodbye to summer in the best possible way. For this reason, we celebrate Festa Major, our local festival, the last weekend of August. This revelry starts on Thursday with a speech called "pregó", followed by the "correfoc" (literally, 'fire-runs'; individuals dressed as devils light up fireworks while dancing to the sound of a rhythmic drum group). Moreover, there are plenty of activities to suit all tastes and age groups.

Among the activities, you can find the “Gimcana Marrana” (a special gymkhana for the youth), the batucada (a percussive substyle of samba, characterized by its repetitive style and fast pace), some cercavila (a parade with traditional music and the giants), the foam party, the baixada de carretons (a race from the outskirts of town to the centre by a handmade cart) and some concerts during the night, among many other activities.