Font de la Formiga trail

It is the longest route of the seven municipal routes in Sant Hilari. The itinerary goes through rich and wet vegetation places and humid riparian forests and brings us closer to different springs.

This route will awaken all your senses: sight, hearing, taste and touch. You may see places related to legends, huge trees, fantastic landscape with plenty of vegetation of the riparian forests and hear the singing of the birds, the jet of the water of the springs, the stream and the waterfall of El Soler. You may also smell the box trees, the humid ground and the freshness of the forest. In addition, you may taste and drink the water of the springs Font del Gavatx and Font de la Formiga.

Access the route’s wikiloc and view the route. It is an easy route, which can be done in about 1 hour and 45 minutes, is 5 km long and has a 271-metre incline.


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