Font del Pic

A century ago, this spring was a meeting point for all those summer visitors, since they fetched water and sat there enjoying the fresh air. The space has changed over the years and, nowadays, it is a park with a green zone.

In the past, it was known as “Font del Pico-Pico” and, later, it changed to “Font del Pic”.

In the place where you can find the well there was a quite big building: it was the water bottling factory of that spring, which was sold to people for a long time. However, due to the lack of benefits, the company closed down.

In 2009, Vallicrosa stream was back again through some bioengineering techniques and the area was landscaped until becoming today’s natural zone.

Some authors, such as Agustí Torrent Coma, wrote some verses:

“No es la Fuente del Pico
un manantial tan vulgar,
todo mortal pobre o rico
esta Fuente yo le indico,
si su salud quiere hallar.”
“It is not the “Font del Pic”
a tasteless natural spring,
to all mortal, poor or rich,
this spring I dedicate them
if they want to find their health.”