Font d’en Gurb trail

It is a route taken by the inhabitants of Sant Hilari to go for a walk. The path goes parallel to the old Vic road along a track which crosses chestnut forests and Douglas fir plantations towards the spring Font d’en Gurb, located in a shady zone near a stream. The homeward, in a gentle slope, brings you closer to the spring Font Vella before finishing the route.

Font d’en Gurb is named after a fortified house of the Gurb family situated on the hill above the spring. The house of La Rovira or the Castle Mascarbó are at the end of Pla de les Arenes.

Along the route, you can find different types of aromatic plants, chestnut trees, fir plantations and the singing of the birds.

Access the route’s wikiloc and view the route. It is an easy route, which can be done in about 1 hour, is 4,4 km long and has a 113-metre incline.

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