Jaumet’s statue

Jaume Traveries i Riera, known as Jaumet del Flabiol, was the first water distributor of Font Vella. He was dumb and short, and really cherished by the townspeople. He delivered the water to the summer residents with some earthenware jug with spout and handle. He is still a well-remembered figure thanks to some typical desserts known as “Jaumets”.

He was born in 1871 in Mas Clavé, where he spent all his childhood and adolescence. Later, he was took in by a family who lived in the town centre.

Jaumet could not speak, as he was dumb, even though he was not born like that. Over the years, he became the first mineral water distributor, and he made himself understood by the sound of a flabiol (a Catalan instrument similar to the flageolet). His personality made him end up being the most beloved person in town.

Finally, he died in 1955.