Local products market

In the local products market you will be able to discover and taste all the local products made in our land.

In the sixth edition of Fira Guilleries, you can find the following local Guilleries producers and their products:

Terapias Itinerantes: natural cosmetics
Amigurumis Anna: amigurumis and other crochet accessories
Formatge d’Espinelves: raw milk cheeses
Little Dreamers: personalized clothing and accessories
Pastisseria Torrent – Ca l’Enric: artisan pastry from Sant Hilari Sacalm
Pastisseria Duran: artisan pastry from Sant Hilari Sacalm
Ca l’Armela Pastisseria: artisan pastry and bakery from la Cellera de Ter
Artesania Masnou: wood craftsmen
Granja Circus: cheese, suckling lamb and hanmade rugs
Ratafia Malhivern: artisan ratafia
Voliaina enquadernació: artisanal binding and creative recycling
Petita Guilla: artisans of wooden toys
Il·lusions pintades: art
Pastisseria Malet-Torrent: artisan pastry from Sant Hilari Sacalm
Carnisseria Can Cisquet: Butcher from Sant Hilari Sacalm
Shama World: artisan products for the home
Sabonets Nora: natural soaps
Excèntrica Aula-Taller d’Art: art