Ànima de natura

It values the person through nature! The wisdom and knowledge of nature applied to health, well-being, self-realization and personal growth for everybody.

They guide and accompany you on the personal path; in nature as a physical and medicinal space, and with nature as a source of inspiration and a mirror, guiding and accompanying people around the professional vocation and personal self-realization.

Experiences and training are offered for all public:

– Individual experiences in, for and with nature to improve health, well-being and personal self-realisation.

– Family and friends group experiences about social ties.

– Experiences about the Earth natural cycles, either ancestral or spiritual, around the personal spiritual growth.

– Team building experiences about personal growth and group cohesion in the nature (for small and medium-sized businesses, promoting team for business partners).

– Different trainings about the therapy in and with nature, and the spiritual values and meanings through nature and therapeutic guides.

– Different trainings about children pedagogy in and with nature, and about the accompaniment of teenagers’ self-realisation for the people who work in education.

– Trainings about a more self-sufficient and sustainable life with the nature where we live and with the one around us.

– Pack of experiences which are silent or thematic retreats with specialised professionals around Les Guilleries.

– Personalised experiences and trainings for groups, families and friends.