Anton Busquets i Punset’s birthplace

Anton Busquets i Punset was a Catalan writer and poet. He was born in a house on Carrer Vic, in Sant Hilari. From an early age he differed from the boys of his generation because he had different concerns.

One of those concerns and hobbies was his interest in everything related to the trade of “roders”, the woodcutters and the charcoal burners. Compared to other children, he went to the forests with the people who lived there and learned songs, legends, sayings and jokes.

Finally, thanks to his lexical richness, he became a narrator, poet, journalist and cultural coordinator. Furthermore, he won “Els Jocs Florals” (the Floral games) in spring 1990: he won, as a prize, a portrait made by Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

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