Fira Guilleries

The natural sub-region of Les Guilleries has some special characteristics and natural wealth which make it unique in Catalonia. That is why in Sant Hilari Sacalm, the capital of Les Guilleries, there is a fair with a market of local products and activities related to the zone and its surroundings.

The towns taking part in this fair are Sant Hilari Sacalm, Osor, Espinelves, Susqueda, Vilanova de Sau, Sant Sadurní d’Osormort and Viladrau.

Every year, the fair is about a different topic, which is the focus for all the activities. During this fair, you can find products made in Les Guilleries, an area where you can see a demonstration of old trades from the zone, an artisanal space, an exhibition space with art and paintings, a gastronomic area, live music, a motorhome gathering, children’s activities, you can visit Museu Guilleries, catch the touristic train and so on.