Font dels set raigs

La font dels set raig that presides over the entrance to Sant Hilari not only welcomes visitors to the town but also stands as a symbol of our local identity. Inspired by the mountain fountains that characterize our surroundings, it represents our respect for the history and nature of Sant Hilari.

The seven main fountains represent the 7 municipalities that are part of the Guilleries. Each town has its own jet, symbolizing the union and cohesion of this natural region.



In 2022, the town entrance was renovated with the aim of welcoming locals and visitors and reflecting the richness of our forests through the selection of native species.

To the right of the fountain, we find a high mountain Atlantic or Mediterranean forest, a lush space where ash trees, beeches, and hazelnuts reign. A sea of green that caresses our eyes and transports us to a world of freshness and tranquility.

On the other hand, on the left, a warmer and drier environment, characteristic of the Mediterranean climate of the Guilleries. Arbutus cherry trees, holm oaks, broom, and marjoram populate this space, offering a palette of colors and aromas that remind us of the strength and beauty of the south.

In front of the fountain, a raised garden rises like a mirror that reflects the diversity of the Guilleries. Long-flowering plants, with a range of colors and leaf shapes, adorn this space, creating a vibrant tapestry that captivates our senses.

Finally, the low-water-consumption grass that covers the rest of the area reflects our commitment to the preservation of natural resources. A gravel path winds through the garden, integrating perfectly into the environment and giving the area a natural and typical touch of the Guilleries.

A space that invites you to walk, relax and contemplate nature. A space designed for people, where they can interact with the environment and discover the botanical wealth of the Guilleries. A place to let yourself be carried away by the colors, aromas and sounds of this magical land, a journey through the most intimate secrets of the nature that defines us.