Museu Guilleries

Go into Museu Guilleries and get to know the wide variety of the fauna and flora in the area through the different ecosystems. It is a museum of the zone and the natural heritage in which you will be able to know about the roders, one of the oldest trade in our town.


Les Guilleries are an elixir for those who love and feel the nature.  This place is a tourist attraction which has the nature and its elements as a motivational component.

Therefore, Salvador Bosch, a son of Sant Hilari, an enthusiast of all the biological groups  in Les Guilleries, as a young man he picked up different species of fauna and flora of the land and he placed them on the first floor of his shop on Carrer Montsolís. It was a limited and friendly corner which allowed the curious to have a quite real image of the animals which inhabited those lands.

The 24th June 1956 and with the collaboration of other inhabitants of the town, that collection turned into what we now know as Museu Guilleries, and some people edited a simple guide with a general explanation of the region and the name of the species.

Some years later, Salvador Bosch, with good judgement, gave the material he had to the town council and, in June 1977, the new museum premises on the ground floor of “Casa de la Vila” (the town hall) were inaugurated, with more glass cabinets and vegetation samples.


The economic effort of the institutions has been so important because, nowadays, Sant Hilari has a collection of autochthonous flora and fauna exhibited in an accurate biogeographic framework and with different audio-visual resources, which make the Museu Guilleries a must-see.

If you want to visit the museum, you have to buy the ticket in the tourism office. Price: 2€ per person.