Ermita de Santa Margarida de Vallors

The hermitage of Santa Margarida de Vallors is one of the most beautiful places in the eastern part of the municipality of Sant Hilari Sacalm. The trail to get there is a good option if you want to enjoy the forests in the zone and connect with the nature.

The area of the hermitage is located near the country houses known as Huix and Riudecós de les Penyes, and it is the diving line between the churches of Sant Hilari and Santa Margarida de Vallors, and crosses the country houses of Vida, Masó and Clos until you find the stream of the country house of Vallicrosa.

The name Vallors tells us how the zone is. Vallors comes from Vallis Ucrea, which comes from the derivation of the latin Uceus or its diminutive Urceolus referring a glass or small cup, perfectly used to describe the close area of the valley of Vallors. Thus, this zone is closed, humid and surrounded by vegetation.

If you have a look at its history, the first information of the valley of Vallors is found in two precepts given between 886 and 889 by the Frank kings in Girona Cathedral. Nevertheless, not until 939 was the hermitage found. Moreover, it is important to highlight that the 14th July 1183, Bishop Pere de Redorta consecrated again the new church of three apses dedicated to Santa Margarida, Santa Maria, and Santa Magdalena, according to a consecration ceremony.

After a long period, between 1680 and 1743, the old temple of the 12th century was remodelled by constructing a new façade —the old voussoir arch portal can still be seen on the east side—, the extension of the side chapels, the construction of a sacristy and of a presbytery of a small bell tower on the façade.

However, due to its deterioration in 1991, there was a campaign to restore the church. The works had the financial support of the Department de Cultura of the Generalitat alongside with the Council of Girona, the Bishopric of Vic, the Church of Sant Hilari and some donations made by the townspeople.

It is, therefore, that due to the inauguration of the reforms on Sunday, the 6th September 1992, about 800 hundred people gathered there to celebrate the Eucharist presided over by Bishop Enric Vives de la Cortada. The celebration ended with the singing of El Virolai (a poetic Catalan song dedicated to Santa Maria de Montserrat), by the choir Els Nois Alegres in order to share the joy of the moment.

Recently, the restoration of the old rectory has been carried out in order to put it at the service of some pastoral activities. Nowadays, Santa Margarida de Vallors is a beautiful place, restored thanks to people’s devotion and prayer, as well as their collaboration and effort.


“La Festa Major” (a town festival) celebrated on the third Sunday of July.