Font del Ferro

You can find this spring on Passeig de la Font del Ferro. It is characterised by its ferruginous taste. In the past, its medicinal properties were used to cure some illnesses.

People, mainly summer tourists, used to go for a walk there and have a chat. After Font Picant, Font Vella and Font del Pic, were the most successful springs in town.

There are several medicinal properties attributed to it. It was said it was good for anaemia, and that it cured conjunctivitis and cataracts by washing your eyes with its water (some people even created glasses in order to wash their eyes in them). Furthermore, this water was given to children who were not hungry, and some neighbours watered their vegetable garden with it because they said the vegetables grew better.

Nowadays, the spring is one and a half metres below the little square, and protected by an iron handrail and a stone wall where the spring is located. There is also another whitewashed wall topped with tiles and two staircases (one in semicircular form and the other one, straight) on both sides, closing the zone and allowing people to go down.

The front face is made of square ashlars integrated into the wall, topped by a pediment with the name of the spring engraved in relief. Below the pediment, there is another iron sign with the name of the spring as well. At the bottom of the front face, water gushes through a stainless steel nozzle and falls into a rectangular puddle below the level of the paved ground.

As its name suggests, the water from this spring has ferruginous properties and wherever it splashes, it dyes all in a yellowish rust colour.