Jardins de Can Rovira

Jardins de Can Rovira is a green space located in the center of the town of Sant Hilari, right behind the Tourist Office. It is a peaceful and pleasant space, ideal for relaxing, taking a walk, or enjoying a book outdoors.

The current gardens are the result of a careful restoration that began in 2019. In the past, this space was a hidden corner, rarely frequented by the town’s inhabitants. However, its walls held memories of a bygone era, linked to the history of Can Rovira, one of the oldest and most emblematic houses in Sant Hilari.

With the desire to restore its splendor and enhance its heritage, the Town Council decided to restore the gardens, transforming them into a vibrant public space. Today, Jardins de Can Rovira have become a regular meeting place for locals and visitors, a space to enjoy nature in an environment steeped in history.

Throughout the year, various cultural and recreational activities are organized there, such as concerts, open-air theater, artisan markets, and children’s workshops.

The gardens have two differentiated areas:

Ornamental area: In this area, a pond and a magnolia from the time of the Can Rovira house and a selection of native flora from the Guilleries preside, bringing us closer to the natural essence of our surroundings. A water spring with a design that simulates a waterfall completes the space, reminding us of the importance of water in forest ecosystems. The ornamental area is populated by shrubby, evergreen plants that bring color and life to the garden throughout the year.

Area of medicinal and aromatic plants: In this area, there is a small forest where various species of medicinal and aromatic plants are displayed in metal planters and pergolas. A space designed to raise awareness of the beneficial properties of these plants and enjoy their perfumes and colors.