La Cooperativa

This building was constructed in 1920 as the headquarters of roders, a trade consisting of woodwork in which wooden containers or barrels were made through chestnut wood. Nowadays, it is occupied by Museu Guilleries, where, among others, there is an exhibition dedicated to this old trade.

On the ground floor, there is Museu Guilleries, a museum of natural heritage where you can find samples of flora and fauna, the most characteristic in Les Guilleries. You will also find our most characteristic landscapes through dioramas with natural fauna, photographs, slides, models, panels, and so on.

On the first floor there is the Sala dels Roders, a place where you can find a description of this old trade. Moreover, there is the Sala Noble, a room all made of wood which had been a ballroom and is now a place which holds activities such as conferences, meetings, and other kinds of events.

On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition of the medicinal plants found in our forests.