Mural in Hostal Fugarolas

This mural is located in front of Hostal Fugarolas hostel, next to Fonda Rita. It is dedicated to the maids who worked there in the 1940s.

At the end of July 2018, Montserrat Serres and Josep Nogué started to look for abandoned places in the town centre in order to paint murals on them.

In the end, after talking to some owners, the ones of Fonda Rita gave them permission to decorate the stone façade located just next to their guesthouse.

As for the realisation of the mural and due to the irregularity of the wall which stopped the artists from drawing some details, they opted for a much more contrasting image, only using black and white, perfectly visible from the distance.

Because of the location, they thought it was appropriate to reproduce an old photo (of the 1940s) of the maids who served in Hostal Fugarolas which, nowadays, is the place of the artistic association Excèntrica.

The original photo, very similar to some others you can see in the town, was taken in the inner courtyard of the hostel, where many elderly women from the town had served when they were young.

The maids are Maria Nogué Casas (on the left) and Manela Mas Bayés (on the right). The maid in the middle could not be identified. The first and the third maids are the author’s mother and aunt.