Tia Angelina, noucentista home

Tia Angelina is a house for tourist use located in the center of the municipality, very close to the Font Vella and the Font del Pic.

“Tia Angelina”, on the first floor of the Casa Benestar which is part of the Architectural Heritage Inventory of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

It was built in 1910, it is a noucentista or modernist house that was originally built for Dr. Plana, a doctor from Sant Hilari and his wife Conxita. Always in the hands of the family, it was a beloved house, full of experiences and memories of times gone by.

Today the house offers three independent homes with personality, as were the women who created and maintained it: Venturita, Rosemary and Angelina.

The house has 145m², high ceilings and period hydraulic floors. With original furniture, antiques and collectibles. It has: 1 bedroom with a King Size bed, 2 bedrooms with single beds and an office to work in each, living room, dining room, kitchen, shower and WC. Good wifi connection for teleworking. Independent terrace and access to the 1,000 m² perimeter fenced garden. Capacity 4 people, possibility of 5.