La Roca dels Encantats (The Enchanted Rock)

The legend of the Roca dels Encantats is related to fortune. All those fortune seekers know the cave where nymphs lived and slept.

Legend has it that there was a cave on the way up to La Roca d’en Pla, by the shortcut. Its entrance was located at the back of the rock, that everyone called Els Encantats (the Enchanted), almost at the top of the shortcut, on the right. According to rumours, from midnight on, people could hear the songs of the nymphs, who supposedly lived and slept inside the cave.

Many people from Sant Hilari were aware of this fact, and they began to say that if anyone entered the cave before midnight, they were likely to come out with something valuable. If this happened, they could not look at what was being taken until after crossing the stream on the edge of the village.

Early in the morning, a maid from Sant Hilari entered the cave and came out with her apron full of who knows what. She obviously knew the story, and she knew very well that she was not allowed to look, but curiosity betrayed her before she reached the stream. So she saw a pile of rye. She watched more closely to see if there was anything else and noticed four shining dots.

It seems that if the maid had not done what she was not supposed to do, after crossing the stream that rye would have turned into gold.