Nen Jesús de Praga trail

It is a short route with an easy access, which is very close to the town. The inhabitants take it when they want to go for a walk. It reaches the hermitage of El Nen Jesús de Praga (Infant Jesus of Prague), located in a small hill known as La Roca d’en Pla, from where you can see beautiful views of the plain of La Selva region.

The first construction of the hermitage dates back to 1911 and the current building was remodelled later. It has an image of the Infant Jesus of Prague, of great devotion to the people nearby, and there is a gathering celebration held on Whit Monday. Due to its founder’s enthusiasm, reverend Joan Montalt, and the beauty of its views, this hermitage has become a common place to hike and pray as well.

Currently, the hermitage belongs to the church of Sant Mateu of Joanet and the municipality of Arbúcies, and under the pastoral and administrative care of the church of Sant Hilari Sacalm.

This hermitage also has a legend related.

Access the route’s wikiloc and view the route. It is an easy route, which can be done in about 45 minutes, is 2.5 km long and has a 70-metre incline.

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